Ticket #2228: The Little Things Count

Recognizing the Value of the Most Simple Support Incidents

The Problem:

As a professional integrator it can be easy to forget that, for the layman, the process of even very basic troubleshooting can be daunting. Sometimes homeowners will experience an issue that is extremely simple to resolve, but they’ll still solicit our help.

This is a good thing as it allows us demonstrate our value as reliable  technology managers, rather than simply installers. The incident that follows is a clear example…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage

We received a client email on Monday evening with an error message that their TV was giving them. Our specialist immediately recognized the error message as one that pops up if a TV is having trouble connecting to the local network. Within ten minutes we had replied to the homeowner with a brief explanation of what we believed to be the problem. We suggested that a simple hard power-cycle of the TV typically clears up the issue, and asked if he had tried that since the issue appeared.

The homeowner replied right away, stating that in fact they had not tried power-cycling the unit. He thanked us for the quick reply and said that he would give it a try. We heard nothing more that evening, so we sent a quick follow up email the next morning. He replied letting us know that the fix had worked, and that all was now well. He also mentioned that if the issue happened again he would simply try a reboot before calling.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner never had to get involved. These small incidents, with quick resolutions, greatly help to cement our collective value in the eyes of homeowners. However they can be distracting when you’re trying to run an installation business. By allowing OneVision to provide instant triage, our partner got the best of both worlds: a homeowner who was well-cared-for, without any of the distraction that these sort of incidents can present.

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