Ticket #2366: Removing the Urgency with a Workaround

We Support a Frustrated Homeowner on Saturday so You Come Back to a Happy One on Monday

The Problem:

As a 24/7 tech support company we deal with our fair share of frustrated homeowners. But we see this is a great opportunity as it gives us endless chances to play the hero.

This was the case recently when we prevented a family movie night from going completely off the rails…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage

We received the initial call early on a Saturday evening. The homeowner was attempting to stream a movie on her Apple TV and was experiencing audio issues. Background noises were coming through very loudly while the dialogue was hardly audible.

Based on this description our experienced specialist quickly determined that this was likely an issue related to improper surround sound decoding somewhere in the signal flow.

We power cycled both the Apple TV and the audio decoder but that failed to resolve the issue. It was time for a workaround!Because a proper diagnosis had been quickly made our specialist walked the client through the process of changing the audio output setting on her Apple TV to stereo instead of surround sound.

This step made the system useable again, removing all of the urgency from the situation. In fact our specialist heard a nice “Hooray!” go up in the background from others in the room who were relieved to have movie night back on track. It’s good to feel loved…

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Come Monday, after enjoying a weekend free from interruption, our partner was able to re-engage with the homeowner to schedule a time for further diagnosis of the root issue. By providing an instant response, arriving at a quick diagnosis, and implementing a workaround, the team at OneVision had completely removed the urgency, leaving a satisfied homeowner to get back to their enjoyable evening with family. Meanwhile our partner got to enjoy a weekend their own family.

Contact OneVision now. Let us deal with the frustrated customer on Saturday so you can come back to happy one on Monday.

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