Ticket #280: Setting You Up for Success

How OneVision’s Instant Triage Service Arms You For Success When Advanced Support is Needed

The Problem:

Occasionally we will receive support requests from homeowners who are experiencing issues that have been ongoing for weeks or even months. While we might not be able to provide a permanent fix for these issues, our Instant Triage process can reduce homeowner frustration and greatly improve the efficiency of our partner’s advanced support teams….

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage

At 5:45 pm on a Tuesday a homeowner called very frustrated that her TV was not working. Having purchased a control system for this TV she complained that it almost “never works”, stating that she could count on two hands the total number of times that it had actually functioned as expected in nearly five months of ownership.

This had been an ongoing issue that our partner company had already been to the site numerous times to look at. We knew that we probably wouldn’t come up with a permanent fix on this call but still aimed to reduce the frustration and urgency of the situation. Oftentimes tech support has more to do with emotions than with the actual tech. After acknowledging there was a real problem and we would likely need to follow up to get a permanent fix, we offered to help the client get back up and running for now.  Our specialist calmly walked the client through a number of troubleshooting steps. This reasoned, methodical approach demonstrated to the client that we were invested in helping her solve the problem.

Our approach allowed us to gather vital information that would be highly relevant to the Advanced Support team when they went back to the site. In addition to technical details, we provided relevant information to our partner that enabled their service coordinator to follow up appropriately the next day. The client wanted an appointment before a party later in the week and, in case the real problem couldn’t be resolved, we were asked to bring a backup control system so that the party could go off without a hitch.te.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Per the expectations we set with the client, our partner called the homeowner before 10AM the next morning to schedule a visit. OneVision’s Instant Triage processes had succeeded in diffusing much of the homeowner’s frustration, who openly praised our supportive and knowledgeable demeanor. We were also able to ensure that our partner was armed with the most current technical details and relevant information on the urgency of the situation. All of this meant that our partner could hit the ground running.

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