Ticket #357: Clearing up the Confusion

How our Instant Triage process saves our Partners time and headaches by working through confusion to arrive at a clear diagnosis

The Problem:

Sometimes, the most time-consuming part of remote tech support is working through the confusion with a client who can neither replicate nor accurately describe the issue they’ve experienced. This was the case during a recent service event we helped a OneVision Partner with. The difficulty of this situation was exacerbated by the fact that the we were helping a renter who had just moved into the home and had no previous knowledge of the system.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received a call around 5pm on a Wednesday. The caller complained that he was having issues watching the Living Room TV. Our OneVision specialist walked him through some troubleshooting, verifying at that time that both the TV and cable box were performing as expected. At this point, with some confusion in his voice, the caller explained that we hadn’t in fact solved the problem. However, he was admittedly unable to describe exactly what had happened before, and was not able to replicate the issue.

He agreed to give us a call back if the problem occurred again.

We emailed our partner right away to let them know about the event since we did not have any record of the individual calling for support. Responding right away, our partner was able to engage with one of their contacts, verifying that the individual was a new tenant who had just leased the home. He instructed us that they would contact the property manager to set up an on-site training for him.

We received a follow-up call from the tenant who now explained that the TV would turn on but that the picture was “weak and distorted”, and was periodically cutting out. After talking him through a few more possibilities, he indicated that he had tried to reset the coax cable connection several times, but that it always ended in the same result. When asked if he has performed a hard reboot of the box, the client explained that he was unable to reach the power cord.

Sensing mounting frustration, suspecting a faulty cable box, and knowing that our Partner was planning a systems orientation with the client anyhow, we decided to escalate the ticket. We let the tenant know that Advanced Support would follow up later that day to discuss next steps.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our Partner engaged with the tenant to set up a training. With the information we had provided, they were able to prepare in advance for a likely cable box replacement. Through a patient and helpful approach, our OneVision specialist worked through the confusion, connecting the dots with an unknown caller and arriving at an accurate diagnosis. This saved our Partner time and allowed them to schedule a billable service call armed with all of the information they needed.

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