Ticket #419: Make it Stop!

When the most annoying of tech issues crop up, even a temporary fix can save the day

The Problem:

Technology failures can be annoying. Loud, incessant alarm-beeps emanating from a mysterious source in your tech closet on the other hand? Those can be downright infuriating. There are few inconveniences that will have your clients calling in quicker looking for an immediate fix. This was the case during the following support event we handled for one of our Partners.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received the call on a Sunday morning around 11AM. The client stated that a loud, constant beeping sound was coming from their technology closet. He went on to state that the exact source of the sound was hard to determine but that it was loud enough to disturb their daily activity and more importantly, their sleep. One way or another, he said, the problem needed to be resolved that day.

A few initial troubleshooting questions pointed to the home’s phone system as a potential culprit. However, after a reboot of the PBX failed to stop the beeping, it was quickly determined that the sound was actually coming from the home’s security system. The battery backup in the unit had failed initiating the alarm.

Once this was verfied, our support specialist was able to quickly walk the homeowner through the process clearing the alarm. Relieved and thankful that the immediate issue was resolved, the homeowner said he was happy to wait until Monday to discuss a replacement battery with Advanced Support.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our Partner was able to enjoy their Sunday morning uninterrupted. Having removed all of the urgency from the situation, we let them know that their client would be expecting a call sometime the next day to discuss next steps. This support event goes to show that even a temporary fix can create a great support experience so long as you can be present for your clients in the exact moment they need you most.

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