Ticket #5362: A House of Cards

How OneVision’s proactive response saved the day when a failed power supply took down an entire system

The Problem:

Home technology systems can be like a house of cards. Such was the case a single failed power supply took down an entire home automation system recently. Thankfully, through proactive monitoring, our 24/7 support team received the notification and got to work right away…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage

A notification that our monitoring appliance had lost its network connection was received by a OneVision Specialist on a Tuesday evening around 8:30pm. We immediately sent an email to the homeowner alerting them to the issue and asking if they were experiencing any issues with the network. We received a call back from the homeowner shortly thereafter who informed us that the internet was not working and that their home automation system had also become completely non-responsive.

By asking a few diagnostic questions, our specialist was able to confidently diagnose a system-wide network failure. We asked the homeowner to verify the status lights on the front of their router, which in this case was an Airport Extreme. It was found that the light on the front of the router was dark, indicating that was powered off.

A simple test determined that the outlet was working fine, indicating that the router may have failed completely. However, we were able to determine that there was another Airport Extreme located in an upstairs closet. We instructed the client to try stealing the power supply from that unit and plugging it into the main router.

This last step did the trick! The light on the router came back on, and shortly thereafter our monitoring appliance sent a notification that was back online.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner’s evening went completely uninterrupted. Our proactive response at 8:30pm was greatly appreciated by the homeowner. Moreover, our Instant Triage efforts resulted in a successful workaround to the problem, removing all of the urgency from the situation. We notified our partner who was then able to schedule a billable service call to replace a missing power supply a few days later.

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