Ticket #822: Saving ‘Game of Thrones’ Night

How OneVision’s 24/7 support came to the rescue when a technical issue nearly ruined a homeowner’s plans to watch the big show.

The Problem:

It’s not often that a TV show comes along which captures the hearts of viewers the way “Game of Thrones” has. So when a technical issue nearly ruined a homeowner’s Sunday night plans to watch the latest episode, it was a good thing that OneVision’s Instant Triage℠ service was able to come to the rescue…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received an email on a Sunday around 5:15 PM stating that the viewing room system was not functioning properly. The homeowner explained that the cable box was non-responsive and that, while she was able to access her Apple TV, she had no control over the volume. She went on to say that she had already tried a couple of system reboots to no avail. She concluded her email by saying, “Alas… No Game of Thrones tonight.”

A OneVision specialist jumped into action right away, using an on-site RSM appliance to perform reboots on both the cable box and the AV receiver. He then emailed the homeowner, letting her know that we had attempted a few steps that may have cleared the issue up. He asked her to use the remote to shut the room off, then try to turn it on again.

Her response came minutes later: “You are a wonder! Everything is back to normal”. Our specialist concluded the support event with an email encouraging her to reach out anytime, 24/7, if she experienced any other problems and to “Enjoy the show tonight, I’ve heard it’s supposed to be good!”

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our Partner never had to get involved. They were able to enjoy their Sunday evening without interruption, probably watching the show themselves! Meanwhile, OneVision’s 24/7 Instant Triage℠ service was able to save the day, making one Game of Thrones fan very happy! Or, as they say in Dothraki, “Making ato vilajerosh ki Thrones fan sekke happy!”  

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