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The COVID-19 epidemic is upon us. These are unprecedented times and all parties will be impacted—clients, employees, and vendors, both locally and nationally. The CEDIA industry specifically is in a unique position—the demand for labor is changing across segments of the business (we service critical infrastructure and home technology is now more important than ever) requiring everyone to adapt.


We developed these resources to help integrators adapt quickly with internal, client-facing, and financial plans to manage the immediate crisis and the changes underfoot.


Depending on how we react in the coming days and weeks, we will either be playing catch up when all this is over or we will hit the ground running and continue where we left off.  We hope this data room will do its small part in helping our industry accomplish the latter.


While this epidemic continues, OneVision will commit to keeping this data room updated.  If there’s anything you want us to focus on, drop me a line by filling out the form below and responding to the email you’ll get from me.

Joey Kolchinsky

Founder & CEO, OneVision Resources

What’s in the data room?  

Currently Available



  • Financial Response Plan

  • Client-Facing Response Plan

  • Internal Response Plan

  • Recommended Client Assistance Program and Email Announcement


Templates + Policies

  • Template Letter to Government Officials re: Shelter in Place and Including Integrators as Essential Service Providers

  • Template Client Questionnaire pre Site Visit

  • Template Work from Home Policy

  • Template Daily Update to Keep Remote Teams Engaged



Coming Soon...

  • Template for Vendor-Provided Financial Assistance Program

  • Government Program Tracker for Financial Assistance

  • Industry Vendor Program Tracker

  • Risk-Mitigation Plans for Key Man Risk Due to Sickness

  • How To: Presenting Salary Reduction Plans to Employees

  • Idea List for How to Be Productive During Down Time

...and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions you may be grappling with.  You will find detailed plans and resources in the data room addressing each of these and much more.


As we thought through all the problems integrators will need to engage with we developed the following three-part framework to organize the concepts: financial, client-facing, and internal operations.



How is this economic downturn different from others?

This downturn is unique in history because we are all affected. No one entity needs to shoulder this burden solo; everyone should link together to share resources and share the burden in order to come out the other side. If we do this right, no one hurts or benefits more than any other - we all flex together. Employees could take a salary cut. Landlords could forgive/defer rent. Clients could pay more. Business owners will dip into savings. The government will distribute funds and delay taxes. No one in the chain should benefit from this situation at the expense of innocent casualties on either side.

What are the short-term impacts?

Cash flow, receivables, and the risk of employees working while sick. Immediate attention needs to be given to these issues. Can you get your AR cycle down to 5 days through the use of credit card or ACH? What have you done to understand your keyman risk around employees suddenly being out of commission for a week or longer?

What are the medium-term impacts?

Supply chain disruption, complete suspension of projects, and total inability to secure new work. These are the issues we’re seeing impact integrators in the metro areas and likely impact the rest of the industry in due time. In areas where the virus has taken hold prospects and clients alike are either delaying decisions or outright cancelling projects. It’s not that this industry’s client demographic is cash poor, but when data/news appear to be foreshadowing a decline akin to the Great Recession ten years ago and Great Depression 100 years ago it’s hard to justify spending anything unnecessarily. How will your company weather this storm?

What are the long-term impacts?

Inability to service debt or commitments and lack of cash flow totally depleting company reserves. What happens when cash flow runs out? Will creditors continue to demand debt servicing? Will vendors require payment? Will clients be willing to step up? Will the government provide enough cash to help weather the storm to some extent? We don’t have all these answers, but we will continue to gather the resources to prepare you as much as possible.

Are there financial-assistance programs that can meaningfully impact my cash runway?

Many government and private entities are putting together financial assistance programs to individuals and small businesses of all types. We will help identify the ones that are most appropriate for you.


How should you be training your team to interact with clients during this crisis?

This goes beyond the standard use of gloves, sanitizer, masks, and appropriate distancing. We dive into the client/employee dynamic when attempting to enforce social distancing and focus on the service coordinator’s ability to set techs up for success. Consider how team members should engage with clients who mock social distancing. Or how you might coordinate appointment times and logistics to minimize interaction between field techs and clients.

How do you adjust your policies during this time?

First you should know or establish your service policies around what services are billable, then consider adjusting them to align incentives with your clients around remote appointments vs on-site appointments. Do you currently charge for remote support? If you want to avoid on-site appointments should you give away remote support at no charge? Ethically you may feel compelled to prioritize internet/network-related issues over traditionally less urgent issues, but how do you communicate this to all your clients? Hint: be straightforward and proactive.

What should you be sending to your clients at this time?

We advise on a couple communications you could be sending to your clients and have templates to share. Consider asking your clients about and likewise informing them of any travel, exposure, symptoms, or personal preferences regarding site visits during this epidemic. How do you do this prior to appointments?

Internal Operations

What is an infectious disease policy and how do you create one?

We go into the details around creating this policy for COVID-19 and other epidemics in the future. What are you doing to protect your team and/or respect their comfort levels in the face of seemingly inadequate government policies? How are you defining work-from-home policies during this period? What’s your plan to pay, not pay, furlough, or defer salary for employees who are unable to work?

Evaluating Employee Risk and Creating Appropriate Policies

Learn how to identify low and high-risk employees and then create the appropriate policies around them. Which of your employees are most concerned about getting sick and how do you protect yourself in case they are suddenly out of commission? Most importantly, how do you support your team members if/when they become sick and are out of commission for a week?

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