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Kick-off Call

Introductions, future goal setting and scheduling all key meetings.


Company Overview

Align on what success looks like across each department. Determine pricing for your memberships. Establish all policies around service, warranty, and labor rates.


Org Chart Review

Document current and future roles across the org and identify key-man dependencies. See how OneVision fits into your org chart creating a OneTeam, OneDream mentality.


Membership Sales Consultation

Identify the process to introduce your service memberships to new and existing clients and how/where you’ll use the sales tools available to you.


Systems Intro & On-call Consultation

Strategize about and build the on-call schedule; learn how on-call works and response times are guaranteed.


Project-to-Service Transition

Build from scratch or add to your existing process the key steps to transitioning a client successfully from project to service. We call this Day1.


Strategy Review

Connect with OneVision senior leadership to review the strategies we developed before going live.


Systems Login & Training

Verify team members can login to all systems prior to the on-site training and provide a baseline overview of each system.


Training Week & Go-live

Over the course of 5 days with 3-hour sessions each day, we’ll introduce your new service department to the company and get everyone trained on the details.


Onboarding Snapshot

Onboarding is a 4-week process consisting of a series of remote consults and culminating in an intensive Training Week with your entire team. Before we do any Support, take any calls, we need to lay the groundwork. We don't launch until you are ready.

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