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OneVision brings with it over 15 years of experience, industry-leading process, and a never-ending quest for improvement.

Our History








A Seed is Planted

When OneVision’s founder, Joseph Kolchinsky, was still in high-school, a family friend hired him to rip all his CDs to MP3s for his first iPod. OneVision's seed was planted.

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In late 2015, we reformulated our business to become the established industry’s partner, aiding every other HTP to provide the on-demand service their clients expected of them.

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More Than 35 Years Ago

The Industry is Born

Today’s Home Technology Professionals (HTPs, aka “integrators” or “technologists”) started their work as professional installers in the early 80s. 

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OneVision is Founded

Gradually, Joey realized that he could make a career of his “technology concierge” side work, and in 2008 he founded OneVision.

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The Industry is Transitioning

The industry is in flux today. Tech is prevalent in the consumer’s everyday life and– as a result the Internet of Broken Things–requires Home Technology Professionals (HTPs) to respond instantly, be available 24/7, and keep things simple.

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The Next 10 Years

The Future

In the future there will exist a new kind of home service provider, the Technology Manager, someone who acts as a single point of contact for anything related to technology.

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