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Ticket #1542: Technical Teamwork

The Problem:

Whether you provide support in-house, or utilize the help of OneVision, providing top-tier service requires strong communication and teamwork. This idea is clearly illustrated by a recent support incident we handled following a house-wide power outage…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage and Basic Support:

At 2:42AM we received an alert that our system monitoring appliance had fallen offline. This typically indicates a problem with the home’s external internet connection. As is our standard practice we immediately sent a proactive email to the homeowner alerting them to the issue and presenting some possible workarounds if internet access was needed right away. We also offered to jump on a call to walk them through some possible fixes.

The client’s response came later that morning, indicating that there had been a power outage the night before. A simple reboot of the router had gotten their internet back up.

However their control system was completely unresponsive, and we were still unable to connect to our monitoring appliance. A OneVision specialist assisted with various reboots and diagnostics. Simultaneously we alerted our partner to the issue as it was beginning to look like advanced support might be required to resolve the issue as we were completely unable to remotely access the system.  

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner’s after-hours technician dove right into the issue and, after connecting with additional tools at his disposal found that some of the outlets on the power distribution unit had failed to come back up after the power outage, including several connected to vital control system components. He was able to remotely trigger them to come back on which immediately resolved the remaining issues.

While we did have to lean on advanced support in this incident, we had effectively de-escalated the situation and gathered sufficient information to enable our partner to quickly diagnose and resolve the root problem. Through proactive communication and technical teamwork we were able to quickly bring this ticket to a successful close in an efficient manner for everyone.

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