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A Day In The Life Of A OneVision Tech Manager

I joined OneVision three months ago and since that day, friends and family have been asking: “What do you do?” I always have them watch this video we created as a quick primer:

Next, I might refer to our job description for the Technology Specialist role. But I came on board to lead the Technology Member Services team, which adds a bit more to my plate. So really, the best way to answer that question is to describe my day. I’ve chosen a particularly hectic one to give you the full experience.

If reading this gets you excited, you might want to apply for a spot on our team. And if it reminds you how much time you spend managing your own technology, you might want to consider becoming a client!

4:30 a.m.: I wake up and check in to our ticketing system to see what’s happened over the course of the night. Usually we’ll find a couple notifications from our clients’ systems requiring follow-up which we receive from our Ihiji Invision monitoring systems installed in all of our clients’ homes and even yachts! After putting action plans in place for the new urgent issues and reviewing the plan for the day, it’s finally time to eat some breakfast and get ready.

6:00 a.m.: I get into the office and my first interaction of the day is with my counterpart on our Projects Team, Kevin Lotto. This is one of my most important connections of the day since we discuss what’s on the docket for each of our teams and how we can support each other. He has projects ongoing for some of our Technology Members and benefits greatly from our intimate knowledge of the family/home. Similarly, we rely on his team’s knowledge of recent projects to make sure we take over support of newly commissioned smart-home systems properly. After meeting with Kevin, I continue to monitor and manage client requests as they come in until my next meeting….

8:30 a.m.: Next is a discussion with my team, where we talk about what each specialist has on his/her plate for the day and make adjustments based on the urgency of client requests. This is harder than it seems since most of our client’s issues are actually urgent (even when they don’t realize it). For this reason we’re always conscious not to fully book our day so we’re always ready to take on urgent issues immediately.

9:30 a.m.: I head to a client’s home to meet with Comcast to resolve an ongoing issue. While there I’m able to resolve a few other open issues with the universal remote, Apple TV, iMac, and printer, as well as proactively complete some updates to the smart-home system. During this time, while waiting for software updates to finish, I’m working on other client issues remotely or over the phone. Taking a break for lunch is usually out of the question, so I always keep a stock of snack bars in the car.

1:00 p.m.: I finish up with Comcast and head to the Chestnut Hill Apple Store for a pre-scheduled appointment. Then the first mid-day emergency comes up.

The team lets me know that a client has called with a shattered iPhone and needs to have it replaced/repaired by noon the next day. We participate in Apple’s Joint Venture program that enables us to get instant appointments at any store, so the team’s moved my appointment to Boston’s Boylston Street location (near this other client’s home) and added a new one to handle this shattered iPhone. Meanwhile, the team has coordinated with our client so I can focus on driving; we have to pick up the phone in the next hour. I meet the client and assure her we’ll have it back by morning. With the phone in-hand, I discover that it hasn’t been backed up in a few weeks. So we extended our appointment at Apple and take the time to backup the device. (We always need to have a backup plan to be safe!)

3:00 p.m.: Looking back at my day to this point, I’ve solved six client issues and have had more than 15 separate communications with clients. Next up is a technology review session with the team. We have a problem to resolve for a client who’s looking to share photos in a very specific way with their family after we just managed a project of converting their thousands of paper photos into digital form.

We take our recommendations to our clients very seriously. We thoroughly vet any recommendations through our own internal research and development testing to make sure that whatever we may recommend to a client is stable, secure, and user-friendly. During this process the team tosses ideas back and forth; we take it so seriously that the mood in the room has been known to actually get pretty heated when two team members don’t agree on which solution is best.

This is great place to mention that our team is incredibly passionate about technology and delivering the best experience to our clients. We’re constantly educating ourselves and testing our fellow team members on it; you don’t want to be the guy that didn’t read the latest “Insert any Geek article here” last night.

Finalizing our recommendations takes a while because during this meeting we’re always stopping and starting since client requests continue to come in (these do–and always will–take precedence over anything else). If there’s one thing our team is more passionate about than technology, it’s striving to make sure the client experience is beyond reproach.

5:30 p.m.: I’m checking on the iPhone backup from earlier. (Remember the one I had to grab from Boston?) Backup is completed successfully. Great! While I’m at the Apple Store I have a few other client devices looked at and repaired. It’s now 7:30 p.m. The Genius at the Apple Store lets me know the screen replacement will be done by 8:30 p.m. I pass the hour by grabbing a quick snack and emailing some clients to check in on their experiences with us (we’re always looking for feedback and want to make sure our clients are getting the best possible service).

9:00 p.m.: I’m finally home, but don’t call it a day without checking in with the team to see how their days went and what we can do to make tomorrow an even bigger success than today.

10 p.m.: I’m ready for bed, and my alarm is set for 4:30 a.m.–I’ve got to get the iPhone delivered to my client by 6 a.m. tomorrow to make it to my previously scheduled meetings and appointments on time. And so it begins again….

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