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Media Mention: CEPro Cover Article

CEPro’s author, Jason Knott has lots to say about our focus on service within the smart home space with his cover page story, Vision of the Future?, which highlights our product, Integrator Service Desk.

Jason comments,

Surely, OneVision’s ideas will ruffle some feathers. But as the industry plods along with the same business model developed in the 1980s built on making money from equipment margins, OneVision has been challenging the status quo and is now enabling other integrators to piggyback on its “instant triage” and “proactive monitoring” business model.

The OneVision team is incredibly excited about this next chapter of our company’s story and look forward to bringing our vision of service to as many people as possible.  Thank you to Jason Knott and the rest of the CEPro team for putting together this great article. 

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