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Delivering Excellent Service with a Team

Since Day One of OneVision, clients and friends alike have said “scaling a service business is very hard”. I never quite understood what they meant until these last couple years and boy have I learned. As OneVision has grown from our beginnings as the smallest and simplest of structures (i.e., the one-man company that was me, myself, and I) to a multi-tiered and multi-department entity, we’ve been faced with challenges.

Namely, how to deliver personal service in a scaled up capacity across people, divisions, geographies, and skill sets while maintaining the absolute highest level of quality work and attention to detail. It was easy providing an excellent experience when every detail about the client was kept in my head. Now with a multi-faceted team, details need to be shared while the clients’ expectations are higher than ever and those details can’t afford to be missed.

Along the way, we’ve figured out a few crucial things. Indeed – having separate individuals own exclusive aspects of the relationship (BD, Sales, Account Management, Service), we run the risk of letting things fall through the cracks and therefore diluting the quality of our service. But there are ways to address this by building workflows that map out the process. With that map, we’re able to make sure the hand-off always goes smoothly.

It starts with our business development professional, who builds the relationships and explains our services to our network of industry partners. It took our very own Julie Brown several months to get this network up to speed, but the tap has since started to flow and the leads have been coming in. Every lead that comes in goes straight to Zach Hurvitz, our sales professional who ensures every new relationship gets started without a hitch. At this point, Julie reaches back out, behind the scenes, and makes sure to collect any feedback she can from the partner who referred the lead to us – we want to make sure we’re meeting everyone’s expectations. Getting feedback along the way gives us a chance to adapt as the relationship develops.

With a signed agreement, the service or projects team, led by Kevin Lotto, takes over and focuses on one thing: execution. Their job is to move heaven and earth to meet the expectations set by the team and deliver an excellent experience. They are not judged by their profitability but rather by their quality of work and client satisfaction. Throughout the project, Zach is following up with the client to ensure that we’re hitting it out of the park.

Towards the end of a smart-home project, Kevin introduces our Lead Technology Manager, Dave Williams, to the client and their technology. It’s Dave’s job to ensure that the technology continues to work for the client, whether through proactive updates, reactive troubleshooting, or even some hand-holding and training.

After a few months, Zach checks in again with the client, while Julie checks back in with our industry partner, all in an effort to close the feedback loop with our client engagement and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Our passion for collaborating and creating experience maps speaks to just how much thought we put into our process and to make sure our clients’ needs are met. It’s an approach that’s worked well for us so far, and we’ll keep employing as we continue to grow in order to deliver the best possible experience to our clients.

Our team collaborating and brainstorming to create a better follow-up structure between business development, account management, sales projects, and service.

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