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Don’t Miss our CEDIA 2018 Workshops

Join us in San Diego to discover proven service strategies designed to boost profits, enhance work-life balance, and create happier clients.

We are excited to announce that we will be teaching three workshops at CEDIA 2018 in San Diego! Collectively titled “Service-ology”, these courses outline essential service strategies you can deploy at every phase of the client lifecycle.

Comprehensive solutions to the service problem are not found by looking at service in isolation. In our work with home technology pros all over the country, we’ve found that the companies who succeed in creating profitable and sustainable service departments are those who take a more holistic view. That’s why our three-part series examines the critical role that service plays all three phases:

Course summaries and registration links are included below. Seats are limited! Sign up now!

And if you’re interested in meeting 1-on-1 at the show to discuss modernizing your business, shoot us a note using the contact form below and we’ll get something on the calendar!

We look forward to another great CEDIA. See you in San Diego!

Service-ology Part 1: Leading Sales with Service Tue September 4 | 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM | Room 28D

How does the topic of service fit into your sales process? Is it something you shy away from? Or do you know how discuss it with confidence, leveraging it as the ultimate competitive differentiator?

Join us to discover how leading with service enhances the client experience at every phase of the relationship. This workshop will teach you powerful strategies for putting a world-class service experience at the center of your sales pitch. It includes practical advice for structuring your service offerings, getting the service conversation started, overcoming objections, and learning how to leverage service as the single best way to stand out from your competition. Leading with service can help you win more projects and enhance your brand’s premium-market positioning today!

Who is this course for? Business owners and sales staff

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Service-ology Part 2: Project-to-Service Transition Wed September 5 | 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM | Room 30E

When the project ends, the fun is just beginning. Those first few weeks, while your client is just starting to use the technology, are the most critical for getting the service relationship off to a great start. But how do you get clients to use your support channels (and not your cell phone)? And how do you make sure they’re getting the response they need from your service team in the first month after installation?

This workshop will teach you how to set and manage clients’ expectations at the end of the project to ensure they receive the service experience they need in the critical beginning stages of the relationship. You’ll learn how to make sure your service team has the right information to follow through appropriately.

Closing out projects properly will ensure a lifetime of success with your service team and the client, leading to a sustainable and profitable long-term business.

Who is this course for? Project managers, operations staff, installation technicians

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Service-ology Part 3: Service Execution Wed September 5 | 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM | Room 28D

You finished your project and collected your last check. But the hard work is just beginning…

Is your team culture prepared to handle the service demands of the modern family and their technology needs? Learn how to structure your service team and manage client expectations.

Do you have the processes in place to track every issue, bill for it appropriately, and manage accounts on an ongoing basis? Does your team know how to assess urgency and provide support with a high level of emotional intelligence?

Do you have the right technology in place to execute service in an efficient and profitable manner? Do you have dedicated support channels and capable ticketing systems?

Service is very different from projects, but it can be managed to become a successful and profit-generating component of your business.

Closing out projects properly will ensure a lifetime of success with your service team and the client, leading to a sustainable and profitable long-term business.

Who is this course for? Business owners, service staff, operations staff

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