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Showrooms Are Out; Long Live The Wall

For anyone who’s still not convinced that the difference between theory and practice can be monumental, I’d like to introduce you to what we at OneVision have dubbed the ‘The Wall’. Walk into most integrator’s showrooms, and you’re faced with a splashy setup complete with a powerful, big-screen home theater, comfy couches, impressive speakers, and all sorts of “cool” technology. This is an antiquated approach to the technology experience, and one that hasn’t kept up with our clients’ developed understanding of technology.

What I’m saying is that tech is so ubiquitous and commoditized these days that our clients usually see the latest of today’s tech in their friends’ homes and the best of tomorrow’s tech in the local Apple Store, Best Buy, AT&T/Verizon, or even Brookstone. In many cases, they already know what technology can do and are looking, with some guidance, to optimize it for their home environment. In other words, showrooms are now outdated.

The number one complaint our clients have about technology is that they don’t feel like they’re getting the most out of what they have, which tells us that they want to learn more! They want to understand how all of these systems will work together for them, in the most personalized and optimal way for their lifestyle. That means learning in an environment that’s identical to what they will encounter at home: multiple zones, real remotes, and even a real front door with intercom and access control system.

While we avoided going the standard showroom route, we also knew that simply sitting across a table telling them about the benefits of a hybrid-lighting system vs. a wireless lighting system wouldn’t do the trick. We had to find a way to provide an interactive experience so our clients could truly understand the available technology in order to make the best decisions for their homes and their lifestyles.

So we created The Wall. Unlike the booming TVs and speakers of showrooms, The Wall is a tool OneVision uses to explain to clients (as well as their architects, designers, and builders) how the systems they choose will work together in their home. We guide them through the pros and cons of each option so they can see, feel, and hear their functionality, and we make recommendations based on what their own home needs, so they ultimately feel comfortable in their understanding of the technology they’re choosing to optimize their home.

In the next part of our series on The Wall, we’ll discuss cameras, the types of systems we demonstrate, and why we’d recommend one system over another. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in scheduling a tour of our demo wall, contact Julie Brown at julie.brown@onevisionresources.com and we’ll be happy to set one up for you.

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