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The Rising Tide of Managed Services

Why the Recent Fall Conferences of Three Industry Groups Bode Well for the Future of Our Industry

Within the past six weeks three of our industry’s most prominent groups gathered to strategize and discuss best practices – Azione, HTSA, and BRAVAS.  As fate would have it two of our industry’s primary buying groups, HTSA and Azione, held their member conferences simultaneously. For OneVision this presented both a huge opportunity, and a logistical challenge. Keenly interested to speak with integrators from both camps, we made the only decision ambition would allow – to have a presence at both conferences.

Conveniently, BRAVAS’ conference was held separately in Dallas this past week.

For HTSA and Azione, I started in Vegas, giving a presentation to the Azione group, then hopped on a red-eye to Chicago to take 1-on-1’s with the HTSA membership. Alex Jaremko, our Sales Specialist, took the same path in reverse. Admittedly this approach left us both a bit travel weary, but ultimately afforded us a unique ability to “compare notes”. Both of us were then able to attend the BRAVAS Summit in Dallas. Our key takeaways from all three conferences indicate an industry trend that’s been long in the making.

Given all of the recent coverage and industry buzz surrounding RMR and managed services it might feel like these ideas represent a brave new frontier. But while there’s plenty of room for growth and exploration here, these ideas aren’t really new. Our close relationship with Ihiji, a pioneer in the area of Remote Systems Management and RMR, has allowed us to see this part of the industry mature first hand over the last several years. I mention them specifically because they were established in 2009, and have been shouting the battle cry for RMR since their inception. It just so happens that, for a variety of reasons, the industry is finally starting to pay attention.

This widespread receptiveness on the part of integrators to embrace RMR and managed services was far and away our biggest takeaway from all three conferences. Here at OneVision we often cite the slide above when presenting our services to integrators. As the slide articulates we feel strongly that it’s time for the industry to stop letting the “tail wag the dog”. Our industry is evolving and beginning to embrace the idea of ongoing service not as a necessary evil, but instead as a way to generate revenue. Moreover what we’re talking about here is recurring revenue that shows up in your account month after month, year after year. It’s a transformational concept because it requires that integrators view the value of their clients from a lifetime perspective, not just as a single, transactional project. This completely changes the game for everyone.

Our interactions with members of both buying groups indicate a burgeoning interest in the establishment of a service-based culture within their respective organizations. This is encouraging to us here at OneVision because we truly believe that the entire industry – from manufacturers and service providers to integrators and their customers – will benefit from an improved service experience in the home. A rising tide lifts all boats. The importance of keeping existing clients happy through good service is self evident. But what’s finally coming to the fore is the idea that tying this service to profitable and recurring plans is just good business. The members of HTSA, Azione, and BRAVAS, arguably represent the most engaged integrators in the business. The clear embrace by all three groups of this service-oriented approach bodes well for the future of our industry.

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