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Industry Response to Integrator Service Desk

Since we started offering Integrated Service Desk to our partners, we’ve received some great feedback from other leaders around the industry. We thank them for their words of support, encouragement, and praise and look forward to continuing on our quest of creating excellent technology service experiences.

“OneVision’s innovative service program enables integrators to immediately respond to their clients’ needs – helping to ensure that the quality of their service continues to shine post install.”  — Tim Bigoness, Vice President of Marketing, D-Tools
“OneVision’s service goes hand-in-hand with the modern integrator’s Service Operations Center. If you’re looking to reduce service costs, improve the client experience, and build recurring revenue, they’re a natural fit.” — Stuart Rench, CEO, Ihiji
“Partnering with OneVision allows us to deliver better service and do so more efficiently. The peace of mind knowing that OneVision will professionally respond to our client’s phone calls and emails for support is priceless. It lets our team focus on growing the business, while at the same time taking our service to another level.” — Wynne Walker, Vice President, Symbio
“OneVision makes it turnkey for any integrator to provide excellent, instant service and to benefit from the data that comes from their service calls. This drives higher client satisfaction, improved margins, and growth in revenue–all things every integrator should strive for.” — Paul Starkey, Executive Director, BRAVAS Group
“There is no doubt that recurring monthly revenue is a hot topic in the industry today. When CEDIA members were surveyed by CEDIA Market Intelligence, ‘building recurring revenue’ was identified as the number one choice for training resources they felt were needed. It is exciting to see solutions like OneVision’s Integrator Service Desk entering the market to help integrators tackle customer support and find streams of recurring revenue.” — Vin Bruno, CEO, CEDIA

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