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Introducing Live-Streaming Video Support by OneVision

OneVision elevates tech-service experience using the latest in video support technology

Boston, MA, OneVision Resources, a leading provider of service and support solutions for home technology professionals, introduces live-streaming video tech support enhanced by augmented reality. Taking the delivery of remote tech support to the next level, OneVision has integrated this powerful new capability into its comprehensive service platform, improving the service experience for the 35,000+ homes it currently supports.

The addition of AR-powered video support to the OneVision Platform is yet another illustration of the company’s market-leading position when it comes to delivering white-glove, emotionally intelligent, and technically knowledgeable service in a highly-efficient manner. OneVision specialists can now utilize this new tool during service and support events to collaboratively identify, analyze, and resolve issues with smart-home owners using the built-in camera on their iOS or Android mobile devices.

Real-Time View of The System Being Serviced — How OneVision Does It

AR-powered video support supplements the industry-best remote monitoring, management, and troubleshooting practices already employed as part of their 24/7 white-label help-desk. This enables OneVision to provide a level of remote support and service unmatched in the industry, ensuring a positive a technology experience for consumers and a competitive edge for all integrators within the OneVision network.

This enhancement to the OneVision offering gives its technology specialists several advantages. For instance, OneVision specialists will no longer have to rely on a homeowner’s perception or ability to accurately describe a technology issue. Instead, OneVision Specialists will now be able to see actual system status, including status lights and error messages, and can directly experience the issues consumers are facing, which enables faster resolution.

“Smart home technologies have evolved rapidly over a relatively short amount of time. Most consumers are not prepared to properly troubleshoot issues and end up frustrated or worse, giving up on the technology altogether. All too often, they can’t tell service specialists exactly what they are experiencing which leads to frustration and wasted time. With the introduction of this video-support tool, our offering has evolved to not just keep pace but lead the pack when it comes to providing world-class technology management in the home,” says OneVision’s founder and CEO Joseph Kolchinsky.

The Importance of Ensuring Consumers Retain Control — Security Matters

Home and network security and personal privacy is, undoubtedly, a critical consideration when it comes to remote managed services. OneVision’s video-support tool uses a single-use access code that ensures the homeowner maintains control of the call, including when and if to enable a video session with the specialist. The homeowner determines what the specialist can see and has the option to turn off the remote support session at any time. As always, the networking monitoring software and appliances used by OneVision are protected with industry-leading security and encryption protocols.

Elevating the Service Experience

Adding augmented reality (AR) capabilities to the concept of video support is not just about leveraging the latest tools to drive efficiency. For OneVision, this powerful technology is being harnessed to deliver an exceptional support experience for consumers. “OneVision’s new AR-powered video support offering makes the service experience more efficient, more effective, and more personalized. This represents the next phase in a rapidly evolving segment of the smart home service industry, where integrators must keep pace with technology to continue exceeding client expectations,” concludes Kolchinsky.

OneVision Resources empowers home technology professionals, giving them the technology platform, services, and processes they need to simplify home technology management and deliver exceptional service to their clients. OneVision’s comprehensive platform combines the latest in service technology with a world-class remote support team, allowing them to not only remotely monitor, manage, and secure their clients’ home environments in a seamless manner, but scale rapidly and profitably. OneVision and its 40+ partners support more than 35,000 connected homes and actively monitor over 5,000 smart home products. 

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