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Media Mention: Technology Integrator

Technology Integrator author, Rob Stott recently interviewed OneVision’s founder Joseph Kolchinsky.  They covered topics ranging from OneVision’s history in the AV marketplace, to how we’re improving client service for the integrator as their white-label service provider. Here’s a tiny snippet, highlighting the company’s transformation from former integrators. Read the entire article here.

Rob: Transforming one’s business model isn’t easy.  What challenges have you experienced in transitioning from an integrator to a vendor? Joseph: The process was daunting but exciting at the same time, involving the deconstruction and rebuilding of our model, while still remaining open for business!  We had to do things like wind down our integration efforts, finish projects, and tie-up loose ends while simultaneously changing focus, building a new product, and changing our brand….

Thank you Rob Stott and the team at Technology Integrator for this great interview and write-up, spreading the word on Integrator Service Desk.

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