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Media Mention: TWICE

TWICE released the news that Azione Unlimited is launching recurring revenue initiatives and partnerships.  We’re excited to partner with Azione Unlimited with this newest initiative!

Here’s what OneVision and Azione had to say about the partnership:

“There are few in the industry who do not recognize the crucial component that a Recurring Monthly Revenue source contributes to monthly sustainability, the business’s valuation, and ultimately to the long term success of a business. Azione is providing for its members the plan, the alliances, and the resources to quickly and efficiently implement profitable RMR into their businesses,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited.
“OneVision’s mission is to create incredible technology experiences. That wouldn’t be possible without excellent partners in the field, and for that reason we are excited to be working with Azione Unlimited and its members. Together, OneVision and Azione will create a new type of home technology professional – one who focuses on the post-purchase consumer experience and the recurring revenue that comes with it,” stated Joseph Kolchinsky, Founder/CEO of OneVision.

Read the full article here about Azione Unlimited and their progressive moves in the industry.

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