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OneVision Announces the 1NSIGHT Summit

OneVision Resources Will Bring the Industry Together for the First-Ever Dedicated Service Conference

To be held in Boston in the spring of 2019, the 1NSIGHT Summit will unite forward-thinking home technology professionals and service experts to discover and share proven service strategies.

Boston, MA (January 26, 2018) OneVision Resources, the leading provider of service and support solutions for home technology professionals (HTPs), announces the 1NSIGHT Summit, the CI industry’s first conference dedicated exclusively to solving the service challenge.   In the spring of 2019, attendees will gather in Boston, MA to collaborate and engage with other forward-thinking professionals, learning how to transform both the role of service within their respective organizations as well as the nature of their client relationships.

Service experts from both inside and outside of the industry will present proven strategies to create a company culture with the client experience at its core, leveraging premium service as a critical differentiator in today’s increasingly competitive connected-home market.

HTPs ranging from service technicians to CEOs are invited to join this first-of-its-kind industry event.

Solving the Service Challenge In today’s increasingly competitive connected home landscape, it is more important than ever to provide an exceptional client-service experience. However, delivering a superior technology experience that includes proactive support and round-the-clock, emotionally intelligent and responsive service can lead to increased costs, a diminished work/life balance, and burn-out.   The 1NSIGHT Summit will help home technology professionals overcome these challenges, enabling them to deliver a differentiated service experience while simultaneously streamlining operations, reducing fixed costs, boosting profitability, and improving company culture and morale.

This first-of-its-kind summit will cover topics ranging from implementing best practices and proven service processes, influencing company culture, and leveraging the latest in service technology solutions designed to drive profitability, operational efficiency, and client satisfaction.

TINYpulse, a leader in fostering employee engagement and helping companies measure and improve employee culture, will be there to speak on the relationship between service and culture.  “Creating a positive internal culture has a direct impact on the external client experience. ​Soliciting employees​’ feedback​ and taking action based on it​ is a critical component to fostering change and positive culture within your organization,” says Alysha Shroff, a Senior Customer Success Manager at the company. She added, “we’re excited to address the service challenge within the smart home industry alongside OneVision at the 1NSIGHT Summit.”

Learn Business Processes and Best Practices from the Experts The idea of monetizing an exceptional client experience is not a new one. Forward-thinking HTPs are already finding success by putting service front and center, with many other HTPs interested in the same model. The 1NSIGHT Summit will bring together experts from inside and outside the industry to provide attendees with proven strategies designed to:

  • Convert service from a cost center to a revenue generator

  • Drive more project sales by leading with service

  • Increase project referrals from existing clients

  • Capture the full lifetime value of their entire client base

  • Implement billing practices that maximize efficiency and profitability

  • Differentiate their brand with premium market positioning

  • Incentivize the delivery of exceptional service and reduce low morale and attrition

Experience New Technologies for Service While cutting-edge technology has always been at the core of the project-delivery model, it has, until recently, failed to keep pace with service. Recent advances in Remote Systems Management (RSM) have finally enabled HTPs to deliver exceptional service at scale, paving the way for them to become lifetime Technology Managers. Other technologies such as enterprise-grade service software and augmented reality streaming video support have only just begun to see adoption in this industry leading the way to further efficiencies. 1NSIGHT attendees will hear from service technology experts about:

  • Ticketing, billing, real-time communications, and on-call notification management

  • Addressing parental control and network security concerns in the home

  • Improving client satisfaction with RSM platforms and streaming video / augmented reality tech support

  • Identifying future trends (e.g. artificial intelligence) and the impact they will have on running a service-led business

Gain the Confidence to Drive Cultural Change World-class service requires more than just the right technology. It begins with a service-focused culture. Companies who know how to build a culture of service into their organization are better equipped to realize the full potential of their clients’ lifetime value. Experts will teach attendees how to:

  • Create better work-life balance, reducing burnout and attrition

  • Reduce key-person dependency by learning to let go and trust proven processes

  • Provide enhanced, premium services to the clients who value service the most

  • Design attractive offerings by tapping into the emotional needs and wants of their clients

  • Drive excellence through all facets of the organization by placing the client experience at the center of everything

Register for the 1NSIGHT Summit Now

HTPs can learn more and take advantage of limited, early-bird pricing by visiting www.1nsightssummit.com. Register now to secure your seat at the table with other service-focused leaders.  

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