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OneVisionaries: Chuck Giroux

The things that so many people dread–meticulously organizing photo libraries, say, or untangling complicated network issues–are the very things that Senior Technology Specialist Chuck Giroux enjoys most. The Massachusetts native first dipped a toe in the tech services industry at the tender age of ten, when he started a “business” to help his grandmother set up her computer system. In later years, after graduating from Boston University, he did the same thing; this time working for real, in the commercial and educational A/V industry. And now, working with OneVision, he’s one of the primary forces making sure clients’ personal and home tech runs as smoothly as can be.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

For a long time I wanted to be a pundit on TV. I’m not going to mention a number of the pundits I was a fan of; it’s too embarrassing. I also thought about going into the Navy for a long time, since a lot of people from my family have served. My dad’s uncle was actually an admiral and commanded an aircraft carrier.

Let’s assume that every week you spend a third of your time working, a third of your time sleeping, and then you could spend the remaining third doing absolutely anything you wanted. What would that be?

Probably video games, skiing, and reading.

What’s the best part of your day?

In the morning, when the Tech Member Services team first gets into the office and reviews all of the tickets that have come in overnight, and develop a plan of attack for the day.

What’s one recent client experience you’re particularly proud of?

We had a client whose entire video library was lost in a computer crash. The issue was compounded by a failed backup at the same time. They had 5 additional computers, all with 5 slightly different versions of their video library. I was able to use those 5 sources to construct an exact replica of the one library that was on the computer that crashed. To do that I watched 5-6 hours of video footage and the entire process took about 20 hours total of moving and copying video footage from one source to another. Sure, it took a lot of work, but in the end it was a really rewarding experience to see the family get their photos back.

Where are you originally from, and do you think that has any bearing on your personality?

I’m from Marlborough, Massachusetts. I honestly don’t think that has any bearing on my personality.

All OneVision employees are given a desk mascot by the company. Which one did you get?

I got a button that says “WTF.” And the only time I use it is when Apple or Microsoft or some big software company has a glitch that’s really, really dumb, and that someone should have figured out a long time ago. With Apple’s new operating system, 10.11 “El Capitan”, there had been beta versions to test your software for a year, but then on Day 1, Microsoft Office didn’t work. I hit the WTF button because I was perplexed about how no one at Apple or Microsoft had discovered this earlier.

What’s different about working at OneVision than any other place you’ve worked?

The fact that OneVision is so focused on service vs. sales. We’re not selling things and then trying to figure out how to service everything. It’s actually the other way around. The user experience, serviceability, and brand reputation are some of the biggest factors that go into recommending solutions for our clients – not how “cool” the tech is or how much it costs. Every discussion begins and ends by asking how something will allow or won’t allow us to provide the best service possible.

Favorite book or movie, and what do like most about it?

My favorite movie is Apollo 13. I’ve seen it more times than I can remember, but my favorite scene is when they have to make a square box fit into a round hole using nothing but what’s on the ship. At OneVision we try to avoid situations like this, which is why we’re so methodical about our approach and standards. But there’s definitely an element of creativity and thinking outside of the box when developing solutions since every client’s personal situation is different.

What’s your absolute favorite kind of project or client-related task to work on?

I always like the larger tasks, merging photo libraries, or setting up a new computer or setting up a new website for somebody. Those kinds of bigger tasks that involve a lot of planning and a lot of moving parts. I also like dealing with networks, and making sure all of the devices in a client’s house are communicating with each other the way they’re supposed to be.

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