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OneVisionaries: Sanya Choudhury

OneVisionaries is our ongoing series spotlighting the unique personalities and talents of our incredible team members.

Crunching numbers and staying on top of accounts receivable is Sanya Choudhury’s superpower here at OneVision.  She not only brings a wealth of finance and accounting gusto to the team,  she also has a contagious giggle which can make even the coldest person crack a smile – a great skill for collecting the monies while keeping everyone happy.  Sanya shared some great personal memories and insight into the lady behind the AR…peppered with giggles throughout – enjoy!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The earliest career aspiration I can remember is I wanted to be a flight attendant.  When I was 4 yo or 5 yo, that’s what I wanted to be.  I loved the way they dressed, styled their hair, and the way they carried themselves.  I just wanted to dress like them when I got older.  But then when someone told me that they had to clean up people’s vomit, I realized I didn’t want to do that anymore.

Let’s assume that every week you spend a third of your time working, a third of your time sleeping, and then you could spend the remaining third doing absolutely anything you wanted. What would that be?

Watch movies!  I like watching stupid movies that do not require thinking. They allow me to relax and take me away from whatever else is happening in the real world.

What’s the best part of your day?

Spending time with my son in the morning.

What’s one recent client experience you’re particularly proud of?

Recovering almost 30% of accounts receivables which were over 90 days old within the first week that I started.

Where are you originally from, and do you think that has any bearing on your personality?

Born in Bangladesh and grew up in Canada.  I think growing up in diverse cultures has made me very open minded.  I can also speak 4 languages.  And I’m super nice because I’m Canadian!

Everyone at OneVision has a desk mascot. What’s yours?

A red, mini USB fridge that I can plug into my laptop.  I could cool pop in it, oh that’s Canadian for soda, and I think I can warm things in it too.  I’ve never used it, but it looks cool.

What’s different about working at OneVision than any other place you’ve worked?

It doesn’t feel like work. It feels like you are just hanging out with your friends.

Favorite book or movie, and what do like most about it?

Book – Gone with the Wind. I love Rhett Butler’s character and the unconventional ending.

What’s your absolute favorite kind of project or client-related task to work on?

Creating and sending invoices. I like interacting with people and in a typical accounting job you just work at a desk and not interact with people.  At OneVision it’s really nice that you get to work with all of our clients and in my position it can be incredibly rewarding to maintain a positive atmosphere throughout.

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