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OneVision’s Vital Role at CEDIA 2016

We invite guest writers to contribute to our blog.  This post has been contributed by guest writer Jason Griffing.  Jason is the director of business development at Harrison Home Systems in Denver, CO, and the co-host of weekly home technology podcast found at HomeTech.fm. You can contact Jason at jason@hometech.fm

With CEDIA 2016 nearly 2 months behind us, the energy of the show floor has long faded. What remains when I reflect back on Dallas are only the lessons that carry weight. And with this perspective I can say confidently that amongst the most important themes to emerge from Dallas was a long-overdue realization about the importance of service-based pricing to the future of our industry. While a healthy, and well-deserved, amount of coverage was given to companies such as Ihiji, whose products enable service-based pricing from technical perspective, I don’t think any company better represents the cultural change needed in our industry better than OneVision. And their showings at CEDIA 2016 bear truth to that.

OneVision got off to a strong start in Dallas through their participation in the “Blueprint for Success” panel. Joey Kolchinsky, OneVision’s founder, sat on the panel, which was rounded out by team members and founders from various industry solution providers, I attended the panel and was left with the distinct impression of an industry that is evolving and maturing. It’s more important now than ever that home technology pros run their businesses at peak efficiency. Joey and the other panelists discussed the importance of leveraging key partnerships with software and service providers to accomplish this. The audience was very engaged, and the Q&A session that followed indicated a good deal of interest surrounding OneVision’s offer in particular.

Huge believers in the importance of education, Joey and David Williams, the company’s Director of Technology Service, went on to lead two separate classes at CEDIA. Joey spearheaded a course titled “Service Plans are Easier than You Think”, which taught home technology pros not to overcomplicate the process of establishing service plans – a step that I know from direct experience can represent a major sticking point. The course outlined effective ways to structure plans that are easy to sell, provide real value for our clients, and enhance profitability. Highlighting proven methods, this course provided simple, and concrete steps aimed at helping home technology pros thrive in the service-based economy.

Joey and David then combined forces to teach a course titled “How to Build a Successful Service Team”. This course discussed the important differences between managing successful projects teams and service teams. Our industry has long done well with the former. However establishing a culture that not only prioritizes service, but converts it into a distinct profit center, is critical for those looking for long-term growth and sustainability in our industry. Getting down to a ‘nuts and bolts’ level, this course outlined methods for service team structure, ticket management, and managing client expectations.

Both of these courses completely sold-out, strong proof that the industry is paying attention. And while I wasn’t able to attend these courses in person I heard from numerous colleagues who did that they left a strong impression on the attendees. I can also attest from having seen the material that attendees came away with specific, actionable steps they could implement right away, getting them started on the road to success with RMR and service-based pricing.

During the show I stopped by the OneVisoin / Ihiji booth numerous times and saw a steady crowd of integrators coming by to check out the new service I spoke with Joey at length both during and after the show, and am told the booth not only had a steady flow of visitors, but saw numerous surges in interest following various panels where, for one reason or another, OneVision was mentioned. I also sat in on Joey’s presentation to the HTSA group and can attest that his presentation piqued the group’s interest, and that many of the members were planning to stop by and give them a look.

Looking back at CEDIA 2016 it seems clear to me that the ideas of RMR and service-based pricing are, at long last, gaining real momentum. OneVision is coming at this challenging evolution from an entirely new angle, serving as a bellwether in this important conversation. By putting the focus squarely on service as a profit center, OneVision is helping home technology professionals shift their way of thinking, establishing a new paradigm for long-term success in the CEDIA channel. The company’s showings in Dallas indicate to me that the industry is paying close attention.

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