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The OneVision Holiday Gift Guide

The OneVision team received an EXTRA-special holiday gift early this year. On Monday, we welcomed 10-week old Jack Russell Terrier Ovie to the OneVision team. Receiving Ovie got us all thinking about what gifts we’re going to be giving this holiday season.

With that in mind, we present to you the OneVision Holiday Gift Guide.

The OneVision team is nothing if not passionate about our nifty gadgets. And this year’s holiday season is seeing no shortage of amazingly innovative new services and devices that make life-altering gifts.

We’ve culled the slew of options to find the ones that we highly recommend you go after.

1. Who: Julie Welch, Health Manager, Member Services

What: A Kripalu Getaway

Why: If two days of a sauna-and-massage-powered, pampering yet invigorating yoga retreat in the gorgeous Berkshires doesn’t relieve stress, nothing will.

Best for: That harried sister of yours.

Buy it at: kripalu.com

2. Who: Nina Abelowitz, Health Manager, Member Services

What: SITU Bluetooth Food Scale, starting at $119

Why: Set your food on this sleek smart food nutrition scale, and it tells you its calories and nutrients, as well as in weight. It then tells its app on your iOS device to automatically track your nutritional intake.

Best for: Your favorite time-pressed health enthusiast.

Buy it at: situscale.com

3. Who: George Gennis, Technology Specialist, Member Services

What: Tory Burch Fitbit, starting at $175

Why: Fitbits turn getting (or staying) in shape into a self-motivating game that rewards you for something as simple as parking a little further away in the supermarket parking lot. Unfortunately, the plain plastic wristband that comes standard with the Fitbit isn’t exactly the stylish accessory you’d choose for a night on the town or a black tie gala–and hey, why not keep track of all those fitness points during a night full of dancing? Tory Burch has solved that problem with her line of metallic and/or leather Fitbit designs (wristbands and pendants) that look at home with even the snazziest outfit. Looking for something less recognizable than Mrs. Burch’s creations? I also recommend the handmade accessories on Etsy.

Best for: Discerning fitness and tech types.

Buy it at: toryburch.com

4. Who: Joey Kolchinsky, Founder and Managing Director

What: BeON Light Bulbs (box of 3), $199

Why: The first practical smart light bulb that doesn’t require you to change your light switch, it has a battery built into the bulb. And it can do some pretty neat things without requiring anything more than you replacing some bulbs. They learn your light patterns and replay them while you’re away from home (without any special programming) and can be turned on from your smartphone when your power goes out. My favorite feature? They listen for your doorbell and turn on in sequence, simulating activity in the home that deters burglars.

Best for: Anyone annoyed by power outages or who wants some extra security.

Buy it at: beonhome.com

5. Who: Jennifer Kolchinsky, Managing Director, Health

What: Nima portable gluten tester, starting at $199

Why: Compact and easy to bring along with you for a meal at a restaurant or friend’s house, the sensor is a sleek device that fits discretely on the dining table. Slip a tiny sample of food into it, and it will let you know within 2 minutes if you’re good to go or not.

Best for: The gluten-averse, whether you’re highly allergic or simply want to avoid the stuff.

Buy it at: nimasensor.com

6. Who: Kevin Lotto, Director, Technology Projects

What: Porsche Design Studio C Seed 201” Outdoor TV, $655,000

Why: Why not? Look at it! A self-unfolding, 15-foot-high, glorious outdoor LED television masterpiece.

Best for: That special person in your life who happens to have both an enormous backyard and, you know, air rights above their property.

Buy it at: cseed.tv

7. Who: Julie Brown, Director of Business Development

What: Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, $19.99

Why: A cutting board as exact in its standards as our beloved architects, giving a whole new take on “mise en place”. Perfect for the architect who loves to entertain in the chef’s kitchen they designed.

Best for: People like my husband, who love to cook, and in the neatest, cleanest way possible.

Buy it at: Fred and Friends or amazon.com

8. Who: Jack Nardozzi, Operations Specialist, Finance & Operations

What: Escape The Room Boston, about $28 per person

Why: Challenge yourself and your pals this holiday season; this group game tests your problem-solving and creativity skills, and promotes intense cooperation among whichever group you choose. The objective: use clues and rely on one another to solve problems and find your way out of the game space room in under and hour.

Best for: Round up your nearest and dearest, and book well in advance.

Buy it at: escapetheroomboston.com

9. Who: Chuck Giroux, Senior Technology Specialist, Member Services

What: The newest Apple TV, starting at $149

Why: I always loved the older versions, but not the endless button pushing and searching that went along with finding the exact entertainment I wanted. This new model takes the work out of it all, with a Siri remote that lets you search with your voice, or one quick swipe of your thumb. This latest generation doubles as a gaming device, too!  Download the same games your kids love on the iPad/iPhone onto your Apple TV and get the Nimbus wireless controller that can be used for any Apple device – you’ve got a simple, fun, and inexpensive gaming system that will knock your socks off!

Best for: Anyone in your house who wants instant, hassle-free entertainment – kids, especially!

Buy it at: Your local Apple store or apple.com/tv

10. Who: Robert Luckey, Systems Design Engineer, Technology Projects

What: Anova Precision Cooker WiFi, $199

Why: Sous vide cooking yields delicious, perfectly predictable, and controllable results when cooking all kinds of dishes. The highest-end restaurants have been using it for years; now it’s here for your home. Go for the WiFi model to avoid bluetooth hassles–and to use the corresponding app to start the cooking process at home from pretty much anywhere.

Best for: Foodies… or just those in pursuit of the perfect steak.

Buy it at: anovaculinary.com

11. Who: Dave Williams, Lead Technology Manager, Member Services

What: A Dog Breath Photography Session

Why: Because we know from experience how hard it can be to get amazing shots of man’s best friend. Dog Breath Photography shoots on location, letting your dog lead the way, and truly capturing the unique personality of each and every dog.

Best for: Dog lovers everywhere, and the OneVision team!

Buy it at: http://dogbreathphoto.com/the-photo-shoot

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