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The OneVision Experience: Client POV

We always love hearing from clients. Here’s what a prominent Boston venture capital investor just sent to a potential client as a reference. I couldn’t be more proud of our team, our commitment to OneVision’s values, and our use of Ihiji’s Invision platform in delivering on this experience:

We have high expectations that are not easy to meet. OneVision listened to our feedback over the years and built up a team that has readily served our needs, including delivering on their promise of a 30-minute response every time we called in the past year. OneVision has grown from a few-man shop into a real enterprise with multiple layers of expertise and service, with a talented team and a real culture of responsiveness and creativity in problem-solving. They take care of multiple locations and tons of devices for us. They have remote monitoring software in each house that allows them to fix things before we even notice they’re down. They also keep extra devices like iPhones, so they can provide immediate loaners. When a problem happens, they’re on it. My teenage girls are still at home and their use of interesting applications is endless, which creates all sorts of complications. Example: Apple’s new music service really messed up users’ existing purchased music library. That’s a huge Apple issue and to my 15-year-old this was tragic. OneVision connected with her immediately and untangled the mess. Keeping our music system operational at our beach homes is key, but with sketchy electricity and internet service on the Cape that can be a challenge. OneVision is regularly re-setting our systems after they get tweaked by an outage. And with their remote monitoring, they know of the problem often before we do. I am a bit geeky and experimental on this home stuff, but my family is not. That said, they’ve figured out a way to keep everything really ‘dumbed down.’ They believe in the idea that everything should be able to be learned in 10 minutes, and it all should be able to run off the kids’ or any guests’ iPhones. The team is always on top of the latest technology, but only pushes it out to us when it improves reliability. This is key to avoiding frustration in the home and panic when systems go down. All that said, it did take me a while to get used to paying yet one more significant monthly fee to another service provider. Once that band-aid was ripped off we have been glad to subscribe to their highest tier of service. Key for me has been having all of my houses and all devices in the plan with as close to immediate responsiveness as possible. Glad to talk anytime. All the best.

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