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Partner Development: Investing in Your Success

Doubling-down on your success, we’ve created the first and only team in the industry dedicated exclusively to helping you build a world-class service operation!

Since the day OneVision was founded, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our incentives are deeply aligned with those of our Partners. In fact, our entire approach to 24/7, white-label service and RMR-generation is setup to ensure that only when our Partners win, do we win.

And while we’ve always recognized how vital it is for us to help our Partners succeed, our victories thus far have taught us that it’s time to double-down on our efforts! To this end, we are excited to announce the creation of our new Partner Development Group! The sole mission of this team will be to ensure our Partners have all of the training, resources, and support they need to fully leverage OneVision’s turnkey solutions for optimizing their client service operations and generating RMR through the sale of premium Membership plans.

An Industry First

With the creation of this new group, we are investing in the success of our Partners in a way that no other company in our industry is doing. We believe this group represents a brand new paradigm. Manufacturers want you to sell more boxes. Software vendors want you to buy more seats. Our Partner Development Group, on the other hand, is the first and only team dedicated exclusively to helping integrators build out a world-class service operation!

OneVision is committing substantial resources to the mission of the Partner Development Group. Alex Boyle, an experienced OneVision Technology Specialist, has moved over into the Partner Development Group. In his new role as Partner Development Specialist, Alex brings a passion for education that he honed during his days as an Apple Retail trainer. This experience, combined with his roots in providing high-quality tech support here at OneVision, make him a perfect fit to help guide our Partners through the process of optimizing their service offerings.

In addition to committing internal resources to the mission, we’re also excited to announce the addition of a new all-star to the OneVision team – Jason Griffing, a veteran integrator whose name you may recognize from Residential Systems or the HomeTech Podcast. Jason has joined us as the Partner Development Manager, and will act as a voice for the integrator within OneVision, ensuring that we are providing our partner network with all of the support and resources they need to find ultimate success with the OneVision Platform.

The Partner Development Group is already hard at work, creating and implementing the new “OneVision Playbook”. This collection of resources and trainings will provide our Partners with a step-by-step guide to rapidly adopting and fully leveraging OneVision’s turnkey solutions as a means to provide their clients with an unparalleled service experience.

Finding Success Together

We know that coming onboard with OneVision represents a significant commitment. From implementing the OneVision Service Suite, including our quick-communication platform, ticketing system, and on-call management tools, to spinning up Membership sales programs, including automated email marketing campaigns and subscription management software, there’s no shortage of work that goes into making the

Partnership a success.

The results, however, are well worth the effort! Not only does the OneVision Platform provide our Partners with a dramatic improvement to their work-life balance, but the exceptional client service experience that we provide for their clients creates a powerful differentiator. This allows our Partners to standout in an increasingly competitive smart home market and paves the way the for the RMR success that for too long has alluded our industry.

By investing in our Partners in this way, we place them in a position to dominate the service experience in their respective markets. Not only does this allow them to command premium project prices over their competition, but it paves the way for the sale of lucrative Membership plans that can improve cash flow, profitability, and company valuation.

As the smart-home industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, we hope you’ll join us in leveraging the efforts of our new Partner Development Group as a means to position your company for ultimate success now and into the future!

For more information about how we can help your business stand out from the competition and rapidly deploy successful RMR programs, all while improving your work-life balance, call us at 617-778-2515 or use the contact form below to send us a note!

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