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Possible Snags in Your New (and Old) Apple TV

The latest Apple TV has been available for several weeks and has quite a few great features that make it a worthy upgrade. But as we’ve rolled out the upgrade for clients, we’ve identified an issue with old Apple TVs that’s been exacerbated with the new version; it’s causing us to proceed with caution. Here’s what we’re suggesting our clients do while we wait for Apple to release what will hopefully just be a simple software update to resolve this issue.

Apple TVs in general have been known to lose their connection to the Internet but still appear online to our monitoring systems. In its previous versions, a simple restart would resolve this, and since the screen was still accessible to the end user, you could navigate to: Settings->General->Restart to restart the device and kick it back into gear. (We’re able to do this remotely for our clients).

All of the above would be manageable while we wait for Apple’s next software update to appear. But the newest Apple TVs don’t respond to our monitoring devices with any degree of reliability, so we’re not able to monitor them for our clients as effectively as we’d like. They appear to go offline/online several times throughout the day even though they’re working and online.

We’ve recommended waiting to upgrade until this issue has been resolved–unless, of course, you don’t mind encountering the occasional outage.

Meanwhile, we’re also running some tests internally at our lab and working with Ihiji, our monitoring technology provider, to see if they can implement a fix on their end to accommodate the issue for us.

The last time we saw this type of problem was in 2014 with Nest thermostats; it was resolved with a software update by Nest within a matter of months.

Here’s our take on the best features of the new Apple TV.

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