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Providing Support With No Prior Knowledge

Why OneVision Doesn’t Need Site-Specific Details to Provide Best-In-Class Tech Support

It’s a question we get asked all the time – “how do you provide support if you’re not intimately familiar with the specific site conditions?”. It’s certainly a valid question, but it presumes that tech support is actually about tech. Tech support is first a human problem, not a technical one, and requires more emotional intelligence to triage the situation and creativity to provide workarounds than anything else.

All of OneVision’s support specialists are, of course, highly trained in the tech (check out the T.E.C.H. Wall if you haven’t already). But the key to great support doesn’t lie in the technical details. Instead the most important ingredients are a quick response and high level of empathy for what the homeowner is experiencing. More than just a critical component to the OneVision business model, this idea is important to anyone providing tech-support services.

It’s critical to remember that technology is a means to an end. Most people don’t really care how many pixels are on their TV, or how great the contrast ratio is. What they really care about is the experience that those technical features enable (e.g. a more fun family night). This applies across the board with technology. WiFi is not about throughput and range, it’s about a need for connectivity. Security systems aren’t about window and door contacts, they’re about a feeling of safety. And so on.

But why does this matter? The key is to understand that homeowners are using technology to enhance life moments. While family time used to mean board games, now it’s a Netflix movie night. Homework used to be about pens and pencils, now it’s tablets and laptops. So it’s easy to understand how, when the tech fails, homeowners will be frustrated at the loss of these valuable moments. In other words, what’s happening is an emotional issue more than a technical one. Once that point is understood, providing great support, even without detailed information about the site, becomes much less complicated.

The tough fact that integrators have to deal with is that many clients perceive all of the tech problems as simple. So when they make the first phone call what they want is an instant response and a quick solution. Thankfully in many cases resolving the incident is, in fact, very simple. A quick reboot of the modem or a problematic cable box clears things right up. Of course we all love to find a solution in the first 15 minutes. But as we all know sometimes this just isn’t possible.

Whether we as an industry do it in-house, or with the help of partners like OneVision, the beauty of providing an instant, 24/7 response is that we’ve instantly addressed the emotional issue. Moreover, if we aren’t able to find a quick, simple fix we can provide a workaround. For example suggesting alternative ways to get online such as hotspotting, or suggesting alternative means of watching a particular movie such as On Demand or other streaming services. Doing so not only gets the homeowner back to their life moment but, just as importantly, puts them in a better mood. This leaves them much more willing to wait, and ultimately pay for, Advanced Support, typically in the form of an on-site visit.

Putting aside the emotional, human factors, we’ve all been through the process of providing support with no technical information before. Surely you’ve had a friend, parent, or grandparent call you with a technical question about which you knew none of the details. Consider your response in these situations. Through a process of asking basic questions you’re often able to find resolution. If not, you’ve more than likely been able to provide an alternative solution for use until your next visit.

We believe very strongly that our model of providing support is not hampered in the slightest by a lack of intimate details of the installation. Providing an instant response, addressing the root emotional issues, working through simple fixes when possible, and providing workarounds are the key components to providing top-tier service. None of these require an intimate knowledge of the installation. What they  do require is solid troubleshooting fundamentals and an understanding of the emotional issues at play during a given support incident.

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