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Ticket #1835: Competing Thermostats & No Sleep

Problem:  At 7:09a CST we received an email from a client explaining that one of her thermostats appeared to ignore the schedule she had set for it and reverted back to a higher temperature overnight.  Given the discomfort this caused the family the urgency level was high (note the tone of the email as written below).

Original Email (edited for brevity):

I’m emailing about a problem we have had with the AC settings since we moved in but have always just dealt with it by turning it down constantly or fans in rooms etc. […] I want to be able to set my thermostat and leave it and sleep knowing that it will stay at the temperature I SET it on! This is a VERY frustrating issue because our kids sleep up there and are waking up sweating and I am sick of waking of in the middle of the night to turn the air back down.

Instant Triage and Basic Support:

At 7:28a (within 21 minutes) we had found historical issues documented in the ticketing system and responded to the client letting her know that we knew this was a repeat issue and that we had some workarounds in mind.  We asked her for a picture of her thermostat and even offered to do a quick FaceTime if it was easier.

At 7:55a she responded with the following:

Thank you guys so much! […] Can FaceTime a call sometime! Not sure when I will be back home but sometime this afternoon most likely! Or maybe noon? Can I give you heads up when have better time estimate?

We knew by the tone of this email relative to the tone of the first email that we had successfully de-escalated the situation.

By 10:04a we had sent along instructions with a video showing her how to update the schedule so that it would override any changes throughout the night.  This workaround addressed the immediate problem and the client was immediately happy.  It removed all the urgency from the situation and allowed our partner to follow up with a scheduled Advanced Support on-site visit two weeks later.

Advanced Support:

An on-site visit showed that the Savant scheduler had been interfering with the schedule on the Lutron thermostats.  Our partner updated the programming to resolve the issue and the root problem was resolved.

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