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Ticket #0768: The Internet Bandit Strikes

Problem: We received notification that a client’s home went off-line.

Triage and Basic Support:

  • Within minutes, we contacted the client via email to let them know we received the offline notification and asked if they were experiencing any issues.  It’s always good to let the client know of an urgent situation as it’s discovered and to double-check what the client is seeing on their end in case the issue isn’t what it seems (for example, the home could have lost power).

  • The client responded, letting us know that they had been away, though would be at the home within an hour and would attempt to reboot the modem.  

  • We monitored remotely to ensure the connection came back online successfully.

Advanced Support:

None required.

Moral of the Story:

Because of the proactive monitoring and quick help, the client had a positive experience with our partner.  Rather than the unpleasant surprise of the internet not working when they got home, they were left feeling reassured that their technology was being monitored.  It became a quick-and-easy sales opportunity, too!  The partner followed up with a recommendation to install rebootable outlets that can auto-reboot the modem if/when the internet goes offline.

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