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Ticket #1549: Late Night TV Watching

Problem: At 1:30am EST a client emailed notifying us that none of their TVs weren’t displaying properly.

Instant Triage and Basic Support: At 1:35am EST we responded to the client, acknowledging their issue, and laid out our plan of action.   We remotely rebooted the necessary hardware in the home and were able to recover functionality for a few of the TVs in the home – sufficient for the client to continue watching.

Advanced Support: An onsite visit was required to fix the rest of the TVs. We handed this off to our partner’s Advanced Support team and they were able to get this resolved first thing on Monday morning. The remaining problem was resolved by tightening some connections in the rack.  The system was back online shortly after the technician got onsite.

Moral of the Story:  The goal of triage is to relieve anxiety and frustration of the client, and provide solutions in the moment that get the client back to enjoying their time.  All the while – you, the integrator look really good for being “there” when they needed it. 

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