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Ticket #0831: No Internet? No Worries!


We received an email from a partner’s client that read:

My internet isn’t working and hasn’t worked for a couple days, though I’ve been busy and haven’t gotten in touch with anyone.

Instant Triage and Basic Support:

  • With a few quick questions to run diagnostics, we found out that no one in the house had internet, but the TV was working.  We discovered the problem was related to the internet service provider.

  • We walked the client through a modem restart.  The internet would work for a few minutes and then stop working again.

  • We let the client know we would need to send someone out to the home to replace the modem and asked for some good dates/times.  Because this client was not on a service plan guaranteeing priority advanced support we followed our partner’s protocol and offered to address it as quickly as possible but did not guarantee a next day appointment.

Advanced Support:

Our partner confirmed a date/time, coordinated an appointment with the internet service provider, and had the modem replaced and internet back online with one trip to the home.

Moral of the story: OneVision’s immediate response alleviated urgency while proper triage and diagnosis allowed our partner to solve the problem properly the first time.  This client was then added to our marketing campaign for the partner’s service plans for proactive monitoring – they immediately signed up and started generating recurring monthly revenue for our partner.

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