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Ticket #1295: Workaround to the Rescue


At 6:30am, a partner’s client called in from his business where “the system” was down.  He further explained that this was his access control system and without it his customers couldn’t get into the store.  This was an urgent issue.

Instant Triage and Basic Support:

At 6:30am,  we picked up the phone immediately.

  • The client explained that a device was beeping in the rack and everything appeared to be off.

  • We identified the unit as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and walked the client unplugging and resetting the unit.

  • We confirmed that the UPS had completely failed cutting off power to the rack.

  • We provided a workaround by instructing the client to connect the rack’s power cord directly to a wall outlet.  This worked and the client was relieved.

Advanced Support:

  • Our partner went on-site later that day to replace the UPS.

Moral of the Story:  There’s almost always a workaround to help with problems in the moment, relieving anxiety and giving you, the integrator, time to save the day.

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