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Surprises at the CE Pro Summit

At the recent CE Pro Summit in Washington, D.C., I took part in a panel highlighting four integrators who represented the best the industry has to offer. We had a terrific and educational exchange about what it means to manage tech in the home, above and beyond just smart homes; I was happy to be able to point to OneVision’s service-first approach and 30-minute response time, and how we use Ihiji to remotely monitor and support client systems. We got great responses to several articles we’ve recently published in CE Pro, and had excellent conversations with lots of hardware manufacturers who wanted our feedback on how to improve their products.

The panel was taped, and the forthcoming video is intended to serve as a helpful source to media as they continue to cover more about the Internet of Things. OneVision is proud to represent the industry on that front, and we were thrilled to be a part of the panel.

But here was the biggest (and most pleasant) surprise: It came after the panel, when we were approached by several fellow integrators–many of whom would otherwise normally see us as competitors–and told they were interested in working with and learning from us. We’re always extremely proud that our clients see us as such an excellent service provider, but to have even other integrators essentially wanting to become our clients was extraordinarily gratifying.

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited about this development for our future relationships within the industry.

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