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Tech Support Isn’t Actually About Tech?

When is a tech problem not really a tech problem?

The TV not working at home might really be about keeping your kids entertained while you cook dinner. A lost iPhone might not be about getting a new one but about saving the precious photos of your kids that you fear are gone forever. Your iPad not holding a charge is really about keeping the kids entertained on a flight you’re leaving on tomorrow for family vacation.

At OneVision, the reason why we’re not just a “tech support service ” is because we take into account the lifestyle problem as well as the technical one. As techies, it can be easy to immediately dive into the technical problem. But as lifestyle specialists, we want to address the anxiety-inducing issue, first.

So how do we handle the TV problem with unhappy kids in the background?

We exhibit empathy and acknowledge implied urgency. We let the client know that we’re going to be quick by saying “It sounds like we need to get this up and running quickly. This might be a simple fix, so let’s try one quick thing first.” If that quick fix doesn’t work, given the urgency, we offer a workaround. “Maybe we can set the kids up with an iPad to watch the movie, or settle them into another room and get it started before we work on this any further?” If the client doesn’t want to continue troubleshooting or doesn’t have time, we let them know we’ll follow up with a diagnosis and plan of action in the next hour. In the meantime, we continue troubleshooting remotely, trying to reboot a device or providing advice. If the urgency is high enough, we might begin mobilizing our on-site technology specialists in the field to head over to the house. We promptly follow up with a summary of the issue, possible diagnosis, and next steps. It might include having them verify if it’s working after we rebooted things remotely. Or it might involve an offer to come by the house that day or later at their convenience to resolve things.

Our clients have taught us over the years that the most important reason they continue to engage with our services is our ability to follow-up promptly to every email and phone call, address the lifestyle issue first, and never let anything slip through the cracks. This feedback has driven us to only get better in these areas – hiring up bandwidth to improve response time, engaging in emotional intelligence training, and conducting ticket reviews to analyze how we supported a client and how we can do it better.

This has all led us to develop Integrator Service Desk, a white-label version of our Member Services group that is available to every smart-home integrator in the country. Now they, too, can have OneVision-quality support allowing them to maintain and build on their client relationships.

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