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Tech Untangled at The College Club of Boston

On March 24th, a group of our tech experts joined members of The College Club of Boston (CCB), as part of the CCB’s on-going series to educate their community on ways to manage the complexity of everyday technology.

Members arrived with their devices in-hand and eager to take a deep dive into one of the following topics for our first session of the evening:

  • managing passwords

  • best email practices

  • email safety

We kept groups small and prioritized personal, hands-on training.  After members had a good understanding of how to properly manage their passwords, organize email workflow, and protect themselves from “phishing” and “joe-jobbing,” we transitioned into the next phase of the workshop.

We then broke into smaller groups to talk about apps:

Members worked with our tech experts on demystifying which apps to use when and for what purpose.What we’ve come to realize is that technology management comes down to some good ‘ole 1-1 training.  

At OneVision, we’re all about user experience and never afraid to engage in old-fashioned, hands-on teaching.  We’re looking forward to our next session at the CCB as part of their on-going Tech Untangled Series.  

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OneVision tech experts included George Gennis, Dennis McCarthy, David Williams, and Chuck Giroux

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