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Ticket #1316: Owning the Gray Area

The Problem:

The field of home technology is fraught with gray areas. There are countless incidents where a homeowner will look to you for resolution on issues for which you might not bear any responsibility given a strict interpretation of your scope of work.

This was the case when we received a recent support request from a homeowner who was experiencing some apparently network-related issues.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

The support request came via email on a Wednesday afternoon. The homeowner complained of being unable to open any links sent to her in an email, instead receiving an error message any time she tried.

Within ten minutes of receiving the request a OneVision specialist replied requesting a quick phone call to review the issues. On the call it quickly became apparent that the homeowner thought the issue was related to a network connectivity problem on another device that we happened to be working on simultaneously.

We quickly ruled out a broader network issue by having her open a browser tab and load a couple of popular sites like ESPN.com and Facebook. This simple step assured us that there was not a systemic network issue at fault, and immediately eased the homeowner’s concern that a bigger problem was looming on the network.

Now we entered the gray area. The error message, which read “This file does not have a program associated with it”, pointed clearly to a software configuration issue on the computer itself. In a strict sense we would have been in the right to stop our support and divert her to a Google search, or a local Windows support provider. But providing solutions is what we’re about so, presented with an obvious problem and a simple, risk-free fix, we pressed forward. A quick change to her Windows settings to allow Internet Explorer to open links and the problem was solved!

The client’s immediate relief was palpable. She was able to get back to work quickly assured that the network was intact. The other aforementioned connectivity issue turned out to be a bad switch port and was also resolved quickly, and without further incident.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner did not have to get directly involved in this incident. The OneVision team stayed in direct contact with the homeowner throughout, and was able to quickly determine the root of the problem and get it resolved. The homeowner was clearly pleased with the level of service, and our partner got to maintain their focus on developing new business.

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