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Ticket #154: The Value of Instant-Response

Solving simple problems with speed to keep your clients happy

The Problem:

Small technical problems can easily turn into big annoyances for homeowners. Lacking the comfort level with tech to try even basic fixes, these homeowners are often dead in the water if they have to wait for a call-back. These situations highlight perfectly the value of a guaranteed instant-response, quickly resolving simple issues and getting your clients back to living their lives right away.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received a support request via email on Friday around 12:30pm. The homeowner complained that she was at her summer home, where she planned to be working for most of the season, and was having issues with her TV and internet. She stated that the TV remote was not controlling any of the functions such as changing channels or showing guides or menus. She also stated that the internet connection was very slow on the first floor of the home, where she spent most of her time.

Within 10 minutes, a OneVision specialist had replied with a few clarifying questions and instructions to try simply swapping the batteries in the TV remote. The homeowners response came quickly, stating that swapping batteries for the remote had done the trick. She went on to explain that the internet on the first floor had always been slower than upstairs (where the main router resides), but that it was far worse than normal.

Our specialist replied with instructions on how to locate and reset the WiFI access point responsible for covering the first floor. The homeowner was able to easily find and reboot the WAP. She responded, stating the connection was now much better, ending her email by saying “Thanks again, I love the instant help!”

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our Partner, who assisted during the support event with one instant-message exchange, had stated that it would be appropriate to plant the seed for a potential WiFi upgrade follow-up. We did so, outlining a couple of high-level options at our Partner’s direction. With the homeowner highly-satisfied at the service she had received, our Partner was able to follow up at an appropriate time to discuss the WiFi upgrades in further detail.

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