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Ticket #155: A Guiding Hand

Sometimes a Helpful Voice is All That’s Needed to Provide Great Support

Sometimes something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker can wreak havoc on a homeowner’s system. While fixing this sort of problem is something many homeowners are capable of doing themselves, it often takes a patient and helpful voice to help them determine this as the cause of their issues and get to a fix.

OneVision’s Role – Instant TriageSM

On a Wednesday evening around 6:30pm we received an email from a homeowner stating that their entire control system and internet were down. There had been a power outage previously but that they said they had checked the AV rack and the power seemed to have come back on.

Our OneVision specialist called them immediately and began the process of troubleshooting over the phone. After asking a few questions it became clear that there were two separate racks in the system and only one had been verified as having power.

The second rack was completely powered off.

Our specialist recommended that they check the electrical panel for a tripped breaker. The homeowner said they would attempt to locate it and call us back. After a few short minutes we received a call from the homeowner stating that a breaker had in fact been tripped and that all appeared to be well now.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Despite the critical nature of this system-wide outage our partner never had to lift a finger. Our support specialist provided a guiding voice which helped the homeowner quickly determine the root of the issue and fix it themselves by simply flipping the breaker. The homeowners were very humble about the situation and expressed sincere appreciation for our patience and support while they worked through the problem.

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