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Ticket #156: The Finishing Touch

How our Instant Triage Process Helps Ensure Your Clients are Fully Satisfied With Their Purchases

The Problem:

In the day-to-day hustle of running an installation business it can be easy to forget that certain device configuration steps that seem basic to us are anything but intuitive to a client. This was the case recently when a client called us complaining that Netflix wasn’t working on their new AppleTV

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

On a Wednesday at 10:45pm we received a call from a frustrated client complaining that they could not watch Netflix on their newly purchased Apple TV. The unit had been installed by our partner company that week and the client seemed very upset, stating that they apparently had not been given what they expected when they made the purchase.

Responding right away our OneVision specialist knew that this was simply a case of the Netflix App not yet having been installed. But explaining this to the homeowner was just the start or our support process.

Our specialist patiently stayed on the phone with them, walking them through the process of updating payment information and performing a password reset on Netflix since they couldn’t remember their original one. After working through these steps with the homeowner we verified with them that Netflix was fully operational on their new AppleTV.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner did not have to field a call at 10:45pm on a Wednesday. In fact our partner never had to get involved at all. Instead our 24/7 support team fielded the call from an angry homeowner who by the end of the call expressed sincere gratitude for the quick response and assistance working the issue. The homeowner was thankful that they would get to enjoy a movie on their new Apple TV that evening.

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