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Ticket #1575: Protecting Your Good Name

How Clearly Illustrating the Cause of Tech Failures, and Rapidly Resolving Them, Prevents Your Client’s From Assigning Undue Blame

The Problem:

It’s an unfortunate reality of the home technology business that tech failures which are completely out of your control can reflect badly on your company. However, unless you are actually to blame for the issue, the worst thing you can do is apologize. Instead, by clearly demonstrating sound technical knowledge and rapidly resolving these issues when they arise, you can effectively demonstrate to your homeowners that you are not to blame for these unavoidable issues and that you are a reliable and helpful resource when these problems arise.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received an email from a homeowner around 10:30pm on a Monday. He stated that his TV was working, but that the Apple TV was not. Within ten minutes of receiving the support request a OneVision specialist had remotely rebooted the device. Our specialist sent an email to the homeowner notifying him of the reboot and asking that he try the device again and let us know exactly what he was seeing.

The client then described symptoms of a problem that we instantly recognized as a known issue on third generation Apple TV’s. This issue causes menu options to randomly disappear. We jumped on a call with the homeowner and walked him through adjusting some DNS settings, a troubleshooting step found in an online article describing Apple TV’s software issue. This step resolved the issue immediately. We followed up by sending the homeowner a link to the article as a reference if it happened again, and to serve as a subtle reminder that this system failure had nothing to do with a shortcoming on the integrator’s side. This was purely a software issue on Apple’s side. Far from being the cause of their ills, we had instead reinforced our partner’s position as a reliable and helpful resource for their homeowner.

Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner never had to get involved in this issue. Our instant response and rapid resolution demonstrated to the client that they have a top-tier support team to help them instantly whenever the need arises. As with most support incidents we effectively illustrated to the client that our partner had nothing to apologize for. Rather the client expressed sincere appreciation for helping him get back to enjoying his evening so promptly.

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