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Ticket #1578: The Clear Value of Exceptional Service

Proof that selling premium service is not as complicated as you might think

The Problem:

Some in our industry believe that, to effectively sell premium services, you must provide all kinds of bells and whistles in your plans. Many also believe that only integrators who deal with large, highly-complicated and expensive systems can effectively sell premium services. As this recent support event illustrates, clients of all types are receptive to premium plans if you can demonstrate a simple and clear value proposition…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received a phone call on a Monday morning around 9:30AM from a homeowner who was having trouble accessing Netflix on her Family Room TV. She went on to explain that she was attempting to use the built-in app on a Sony SmartTV. Also, she mentioned that she had already contacted her ISP who had instructed her to reset the modem and router to no avail.

Our support specialist proceeded to walk the homeowner through using the TV’s factory remote to launch the Netflix app. Upon launching the app, she was greeted with an error message that read, “’Netflix has encountered an error your device may not be connected to your network”.

Our specialist then walked the client step-by-step through accessing the TV’s WiFi settings. The homeowner recognized her WiFi network in the available options and was able to successfully enter her password. Once the TV was connected to the WiFi, Netflix was fully functional — a quick resolution that made the homeowner very happy.

Our specialist concluded the call by introducing the homeowner to the benefits of our Premium Membership plans and sending her a link to walk her through the various options. Pleased with the service she had just received, and recognizing the value of guaranteed same-day Advanced support for urgent issues, the homeowner signed up for our Priority Plan right away.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our Partner did not have to get involved in this support event. OneVision’s Instant Triage℠ provided this homeowner with friendly and knowledgeable support the moment she needed it, resolving the issue with a simple fix. And as an added bonus, a new RMR contract was generated for our Partner, proving that exceptional service is something most clients will readily pay a premium for if presented with the option.

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