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Ticket #2123: Curing the WiFi Woes

The Problem:

Of all the technologies that integrators install, WiFi is arguably the most critical. If your client can’t connect to the network, it won’t be long until you hear about it.

July 17, 10:23 AM: We received an email from a homeowner stating that the WiFi had been going “in and out” for a couple of days. Unable to join either of the available networks in her residence she was clearly frustrated.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage and Basic Support:

Within one minute of receiving the inquiry our team had responded to the client, validating her concerns and letting her know we were working on a solution. After reviewing the historical monitoring data we let the client know that historically she appeared to have an excellent network and that this appeared to be a temporary glitch .

This relieved any potential anxiety about any systemic issues, and allowed us to focus on what this was, a minor hiccup.

After a few more clarifying questions we suggested a simple reboot of the modem / router. Since the internet was down, preventing us from performing a remote reboot, we had to get creative. Using our knowledge of the system’s components sent the client a picture of the power conditioner in her rack. Alongside the picture we included instructions about how to perform a power cycle of the entire unit in the event that she couldn’t easily access the modem. As we like to do, we closed the email by encouraging the client to call if she needed help walking through the process.

We did not get a quick response following these instructions, so we proactively reached back out to the client to make sure the problem was resolved. She replied the following morning stating all was well, and enthusiastically thanked us for the support.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

This ticket never had to be escalated to our partner. Instead they got to focus on building their core business, while OneVision made sure their existing client was well taken care of.

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