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Ticket #2292: The Importance of Following Up

How Checking Back In After a Support Incident Sends the Right Message

The Problem:

It’s worth remembering that the number one goal in providing best-in-class service isn’t just to keep the technology working, it’s to keep the homeowner feeling like they are in good hands. A great way to reinforce that message is to consistently follow up, making sure that service incidents have come to a successful resolution. This was demonstrated in a recent support ticket involving a lighting control system…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

On a Thursday at 10:30 PM, OneVision received a brief email from a homeowner looking for help engaging vacation mode on her lighting control system. Within 10 minutes, a OneVision specialist had provided her instructions on how to turn on vacation mode. This resolved the initial inquiry.

However, our instructions led to a second question. After turning vacation mode on, then immediately back off again, the homeowner was having problems controlling her stair lights. Our OneVision specialist suspected that this was simply a lingering effect of vacation mode having only been turned off seconds prior. He instructed the homeowner to wait a few minutes, then try the stair lights again.

At that point the homeowner’s communication back to us stopped for the evening. Instead of assuming no news was good news, we made it a point to check back in with her the next day. She replied enthusiastically, stating that “the stair lights are working!!”. The homeowner clearly appreciated our follow up, and thanked us for the quick resolution.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

OneVision was able to successfully resolve this incident without the need for our partner to get involved. Instead, their team enjoyed an uninterrupted evening  while we took great care to ensure that their client’s needs were addressed quickly and thoroughly. Our immediate reply and strong follow-through reinforced the message that we were looking out for her.

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