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Ticket #2293: After the Storm

How OneVision’s Instant Triage™ Can Help Your Clients When They Need it Most

The Problem:

A significant component of providing top-tier support means being instantly available when technology stops working. This was the case recently when OneVision’s Instant Triage™ came to the rescue of a homeowner experiencing a network outage following an electrical storm…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage

We received an email at 11pm on a Thursday from a homeowner whose entire network had gone down as the result of an electrical storm in the area. She had already spoken with Comcast, who has gone as far as they could by reseting and verifying their internet connection to the house. However she was unable to see or connect to her WiFi.

A OneVision specialist responded within minutes letting her know that we were looking into the problem. Through our remote troubleshooting system we were able to diagnose that a couple of networking components needed a quick reboot resulting from the internet outage. While investigating we also noticed that her IP cameras had fallen offline as a result, something she hadn’t even noticed yet, and that we were able to resolve through simple remote reboots. We reached back out to let her know that the WiFi appeared to be back online, and that her cameras had been fixed as well.

Her response came just minutes later with an enthusiastic – “All is working great! Thank you!”.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner never had to get involved. Instead they got to spend a Thursday evening uninterrupted while OneVision came to the aid of their client. From start to finish the incident was resolved in less than 30 minutes. The homeowner was very grateful for the quick and attentive reply

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