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Ticket #2357: The Dreaded Green-Screen

How OneVision’s Instant Triage process kept an HDMI failure from interrupting our Partner’s evening

The Problem:

As anyone who’s ever worked with HDMI before knows, it can be fickle technology. The simplest HDMI hiccups can occasionally be resolved by switching inputs, or power cycling the system from a remote. However, anytime a homeowner complains of the dreaded “green screen”, you know that a hard reboot or two might be in order. This was the case on a recent ticket we resolved for one of our partners.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage

Our OneVision specialist received a client email at around 7:30pm on a Tuesday evening. The homeowner complained that their TV seemed to stuck on a green-screen. Within 15 minutes, our specialist sent a reply asking a few clarifying questions in order to ensure the symptoms were properly understood and documented.

The homeowner promptly replied to this request stating, most notably, that the green-screen persisted across several different sources (Apple TV, TiVo, and Blu-Ray). Based on this information, our specialist performed a remote reboot of the AV receiver in that zone and requested that the homeowner check the TV again.

After hearing back immediately that the issue had not been resolved at that point, our specialist proceeded to reboot the HDMI extenders driving the display and requested that the homeowner try the TV one more time. The homeowners response came shortly thereafter: “Wow, we are back in business. Thank you!!!!”.

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our partner did not have to get involved in resolving this issue. Our specialist was able to fully close out the service event with about 30 minutes of receiving the request. And our partners were able to enjoy a Tuesday evening at home, free of interruption from the dreaded HDMI green-screen. And most importantly, the homeowner was clearly thrilled to have received such prompt attention and quick resolution to their service request.

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