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Ticket #264: Strike While the Iron is Hot

How providing a world-class service experience can generate significant opportunities for new business

The Problem:

At OneVision, we help position our partners as leaders-in-service in their respective markets. Not only does this benefit our partners with existing clients, but it doesn’t take long before frustrated homeowners are calling them for help when their previous integrator drops the ball.

This was the case on a recent service call we received. This call opened the door for a new, highly-valuable relationship with a client who will no doubt value great service because, if for no other reason, they’ve experienced the other side of the coin.

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received a call from a frustrated homeowner on a Saturday at 12:00pm. He explained that he was not a current client of our partner’s. However, his system was having major issues and wanted to know if we could help because, as he described it, the integrator who originally installed the system was “the worst”.

Our OneVision Specialist immediately began asking the right questions to properly document the system and its current issues. The homeowner described a comprehensive, whole-house automation system with audio, video and lighting control throughout. His entire system seemed to be offline, including lighting which was not working in half of the house.

Stating that he was willing to “pay a premium”, he asked if there was any way someone from the team might be able to come by on Monday. Our OneVision specialist gathered all of the homeowner’s information and instructed him that someone would be in touch regarding scheduling.

We then notified our partner, who immediately saw the valuable opportunity in front of them and kicked into gear, getting their on-call technician on-site by 3pm that same day!

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

The on-call technician was able to resolve the issue, not only playing the hero in the moment but likely securing a valuable client for life. The combination of OneVision’s 24/7 availability and a strong partner who recognizes the immense value of an exceptional service experience resulted in a big win all around… except for the original integrator of course, whose lackluster service performance cost them a valuable client.


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