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Ticket #324: A Surefire Recipe for Amazed Clients

Proof that RSM technology + 24/7 Instant Triage℠ is the single best recipe for providing exceptional service.

The Problem:

When you think about the power of today’s remote troubleshooting technology, it’s easy to jump right to the benefits for your business. After all, remote systems management (RSM) platforms and network-rebootable outlets can dramatically streamline your service operations. Ultimately however, the real power of these troubleshooting systems lies in your ability to leverage them at the moment-of-need, providing your clients with an excellent experience. This was the case on two back-to-back incidents we handled for a partner…

OneVision’s Role – Instant Triage:

We received an email from a homeowner at around 8pm on a Saturday. The message stated that “DVR 1” was not working, but that “DVR 2” and the Apple TV were functioning fine. A OneVision specialist replied within minutes, asking a couple of brief clarifying questions.

The homeowner’s response came right away, confirming what our OneVision specialist had by that time already identified in the RSM platform – a cable DVR reporting as offline. Our specialist rebooted the DVR, letting the homeowner know to try it again. Her reply?

“Success! Wow. Thank you. Awesome Service. We really appreciate it.”

As if this victory wasn’t enough for one weekend, the same homeowner emailed the next day (Sunday) at around 8:30am. This time, the AppleTV was acting up. Jumping in and rebooting the device right away, our OneVision specialist let the homeowner know to give it another try. Her reply this time?

“It works! Thanks again. Really appreciate it!! This is wonderful.”

Our Partner’s Role – Advanced Support:

Our Partner didn’t have to lift a finger. Instead, their Saturday evening and Sunday morning were free’d from interruption. The homeowner was clearly impressed by the timely response and quick resolution. Another win all around. And proof that 24/7 Instant Triage℠ combined with RSM technology is a surefire recipe for amazed clients.

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